Service Award Winners

Here is where we recognize our members who have demonstrated excellence in serving and impacting our community! Each month ONE member is chosen to receive a service certificate based upon their leadership in serving the community.

Recent Winners:

Roxanne Accola (April 2013)

Roxanne completed her service once again through working with Two to Tango. She aided in their campaign to reach their goal of 34 participating couples, maximum capacity, for the Viennese Ball. She also helped put together a 15-minute dance exhibition that Two to Tango preformed at V-Ball. This service allowed her to work closely with on campus students as well as reach out into the community for other participants.

Roxanne Accola (March 2013)

Roxanne provided service hours by working with Two to Tango to prepare their annual Viennese Ball Workshop. She conducted a photo-shoot and then used those pictures to create advertisements for both on-campus and off venues. All of this helped to make the huge campus event a success. 

Brianna Burke (February 2013)

Brianna completed her service by becoming actively involved in creating and planning programming to raise awareness about mental health and suicide. All of her work with the help of others was used to provide a week long program was put on for the cause. 

Abraham Ward (October 2013)

Abraham completed his service through helping the UWEC Football team. He aided in coaching the athletes on their technique and strategy. He also helped them prepare for upcoming opponents by designing a game plan based upon their opponents past game film. He also used film of the Blugold’s performances to help them improve their strategy and weak points.  All of his efforts lead the teams offensive line to second in the league.


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